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Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Adult Manikin

Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Adult Manikin

The Pool Rescue Manikin is a revolutionary new product designed to innovate the way lifeguard training is conducted. This product brings together different elements of lifeguard training, allowing trainees to seamlessly practice different techniques. We think that this lifeguard training manikin is a tool for all leisure centres, swimming pools and clubs.
  • Designed specifically for lifeguard training and used as a tool for lifeguards.
  • This manikin has been created to allow trainee lifeguards to learn all the skills required to safely retrieve a person from the pool. It is a lifeguard dummy which allows you to teach a variety of skills.


  • Carefully designed and tested to create realistic buoyancy - it will sink, yet is buoyant enough to float when being towed. It will feel like an ‘unconscious’ person in the water.
  • The use of a manikin can be used in conjunction with the use of volunteers in training scenarios.
  • Greatly improves performance - trainers can easily spot weaknesses such as slow towing, as the manikin’s legs will start to sink if a consistent speed is not maintained.
  • Flexible arms, reinforced with strong webbing allow the arms to be raised aloft, letting lifeguards practice hauling the ‘victim’ from the water using correct lifting techniques.
  • This manikin can be fetched from the bottom of the pool, towed to the side and recovered from the water - promoting more realistic and more effective training, ultimately making lifeguards even better!
  • Constructed using a reinforced Nylon mesh which allows water ingress, meaning the manikin will sink when placed in water.
  • Mesh allows for ventilation and rapid draining when the manikin is retrieved from the water.
  • Detailed care instructions will be provided with the manikin.
See Product Code: 42.1195.01 for Ruth Lee Pool Rescue Junior Manikin.

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Product code: 42.1195.00
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