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Bronze Awards Video (USB)

Bronze Awards Video (USB)

Designed specifically for instructors teaching Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross.
Features real kids – like the ones you teach – in seven important segments:

The Rescue Process, Ladder Approach, Rescuer’s Checklist, Submerged Victim Recovery, Defenses and Releases, Spinal Rollovers, Surface Dives. 

Watch Bronze level candidates bring the Canadian Lifesaving Manual to life in demonstrations of tows, carries, removal techniques and victim simulations including distressed and drowning victim characteristics. See rescue skills performed in both pool and waterfront environments.

The Bronze Awards Video is an excellent instructional resource for introducing candidates to essential water rescue concepts. Slow motion, freeze frames, colourful animation and underwater angles means you can clearly see skills and techniques like you’ve never seen them before.

Combined running time 43 minutes.

Watch the trailer.

Bronze Awards Video (Download)
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