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The Lifesaving Society provides a comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies required to operate safe aquatic facilities and training programs including CPR instruction – all guided by 100 years of knowledge and experience as the lifeguarding experts.


ACTAR Training SystemsACTAR Training Systems
Prestan CPR-AED Training Prestan CPR-AED Training
First AidFirst Aid
Books & DVDsBooks & DVDs
Public EducationPublic Education
Dolphin Surf CraftDolphin Surf Craft
Promotional MaterialsPromotional Materials
KayakPro Training ErgometersKayakPro Training Ergometers

Salvequick® Bandage Dispensing System Salvequick® Bandage Dispensing System CAD $34.50 /each
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Code :  43.8130.70
Prestan AED Ultra Trainer Prestan AED Ultra Trainer CAD $139.00 /each
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Code :  42.1522.00
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Infant Heads Up Lifejacket Infant Heads Up Lifejacket CAD $35.40 /each
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Code :  45.8110.60
Youth Lifejacket Youth Lifejacket CAD $35.40 /each
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Code :  45.8112.60
Lifeguard Hat (Natural) Lifeguard Hat (Natural) CAD $16.50 /each
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Code :  31.4120.10
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