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Program Guide

Program Guide
  • The Ontario Program Guide is the  repository of the "rules" within which Affiliate Members, Instructors, Examiners, Coaches and Trainers offer Lifesaving Society programs. 
  • The Program Guide is an essential component of every aquatic programmer's reference library.
  • The updated 2018 edition makes it easier than ever to quickly find the information required to deliver Lifesaving Society training programs - including the Society's revised leadership courses. 
  • The ever popular "Prerequisites At-a-Glance" is still located on the inside back cover.
  • The first 4 sections provide details concerning Affiliate obligations and responsibilities and the services available from the Society; an overview of the Society's programs and services; policies affecting program delivery and member behaviour; and the administrative aspects of running the Society's programs.
  • The next 7 sections provide the specific information needed to organize and run the Society's Swim to Survive, Swim for Life, Lifesaving and Lifeguarding, First Aid, Lifesaving Sport, Aquatic Safety Management and Leadership programs.
  • The final 2 sections offer information about how to participate in or Initiate Water Smart public education activities or events to raise funds to support the Society's drowning prevention mission.
  • 128 Pages and 3-hole drilled for binder compability.

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