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Pool Operations Manual

Pool Operations Manual

The required on-course reference for the Lifesaving Society's Pool Operator Certification (Level 1).

The Lifesaving Society's Pool Operations Manual is designed to assist managers and operators to provide a safe, hazard-free swimming pool environment.

Sections include:

  1. The Lifesaving Society.
  2. Safety Management.
  3. Aquatic Staffing Responsibilities.
  4. Aquatic Safety Standards. 
  5. The Aquatic Facility. 
  6. Safe Water Management.
  7. Appendix 1. Sample Safety Inspection Audit.
    Appendix 2. Glossary of Swimming Pool Terms.
    Appendix 3. Glossary of Microbiological Hazards.

February 2003 Edition, 95 pages, coil bound.

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